Specifications of soybean meal High Fat



kcal 3250

  Energy per 1 kg

%9 - %8

Raw fat



less than %5

Raw fibers

%65 - %55

Rumen trans protein

Description: high fat soybean meal

High-Fat Soya Dry extrusion and mechanical pressing raise the percentage of trans-rumen protein from 55% to 64%
Eliminates adding oils and protein concentrates in the feed of dairy cows, calves and poultry
To achieve economic savings and greater benefit from nutritional values.

High Fat Soya Benefits

In line with the great technological development in the feed industry and the increasing need for high quality raw materials that are free of chemicals
Green Egypt responded to market requirements by producing extruded and mechanically pressed soybean meal (High Fat)
Which is considered an excellent feed ingredient for dairy cows, adults, calves and poultry
And eggs and birds for several reasons, including:

The high percentage of indigestible and transient rumen protein in ruminants, ranging from 55 to 64 percent of the crude protein.
It contains 8% of raw fat, which gives higher energy and therefore can be used as a main source of protein and energy together.
High digestion efficiency of amino acids such as methionine and lysine.
It boosts immunity against diseases because it contains the natural antioxidants tocopherol.
The extrusion process mutates complex carbohydrates and reduces intestinal viscosity and moisture in glaucoma.

Which results in:

Increasing the rate of milk productivity of cows and maintaining a high level of fat in the milk.
High rate of feed conversion and increased rate of weight gain in fattening.
An increase in the rate of egg productivity, as well as in the size of the egg.
Increasing the palatability of birds for feed.
Shortening the period of the fattening cycle and increasing the productive period in laying birds.
It replaces the addition of oils in the feed, except that the oil in the hi-fat has a higher efficiency in digestion, is pure and free of chemicals.

It contains natural antioxidants, vitamin E, lecithin and tocopherol, which are necessary to protect against oxidation, enhance immunity against diseases, and increase the proportion of digestive fats, and it is free of any added chemicals.

High Fat Soya