Specification of Full Fat Soya



38% - 36%


%18 - %20

Raw fat



less than %5

Raw fibers


Rumen trans protein

Description: Full Fat Soya

Whole Fat Extruded Soybeans Dry And Mechanical Squeezing
This keeps you from adding oils and protein concentrates
In feed for dairy cows, calves and poultry
To achieve economic savings and greater benefit from nutritional values.

Benefits of Full Fat Soya

First: fattening calves
1- The soybean meal helps in improving the FCR from 5.4% to 4.6%.
2- Any bus of protein in soybean meal is up to 60% similar to cotton cake and sunflower cake.
While in soybean gain 44% up to 10%.
3- Fat soy increases the daily live weight to 100 g.
4-Fat soy improves the immune system and fertility, as it contains essential amino and fatty acids.

5-Fat soybeans contain an amount of 88% of the total digested compounds, while in gain 44%, the TDN reaches 75%, and this is the expressive measure of energy for large animals.

Second: milking calves
– It has recently spread in milking animals to use fatty substances to increase milk productivity, which can be replaced by using the percentage of oils or fats found in soybeans, which reaches 19%, which increases milk productivity by 10%.

It is known that the use of oils is better than the use of hydrogenated oils, as the fatty substances used in milking to increase milk production are mostly hydrogenated oils, which helps in the formation of cancer cells, so it is better to use the oils found in the natural soybeans.

• These animals need the lowest percentage of protein 12% and increase the percentage of fat, which is equivalent to 70% TDN
• Helps in lamb feed formulations, as they need higher fats and less protein
• Helps to increase milk productivity in ewes, as lamb’s milk is characterized by an increase in its fat content
• It works to increase the daily rate of increase in the daily live weight, estimated at about 50 gm
• Helps to increase immunity and fertility in lamb

• Sheep animals are considered intermediate between poultry and calves, which helps to increase the percentage of their use in these animals.

Benefits of whole fat extruded soybeans
– for ruminants
1 – Increase live weight and improve feed conversion factor
2- Reducing the occurrence of acidity by reducing the starch used in the diet
3- Improving the immune system, including essential amino acids and fatty acids
4- Increasing milk production by 10% because it contains 20% oil, which makes it a source of protein and energy together, and reduces the use of heated fat.
• It affects sheep by increasing live weight by 50 grams per day and increasing immunity and fertility

Full-fat soybeans are used as the main ingredient, with 20% of the feed ingredients, and they contain 88% of fully digestible compounds.

Benefits of whole fat extruded soybeans
– for poultry
Extruded whole-fat soybeans increase the conversion rate, reduce the number of days of the cycle, improve immunity by increasing the supply of amino acids and essential fatty acids, and reducing the unused belly fat distribution.
It also works to increase linoleic and linolenic acid, which leads to an increase in egg productivity by 10%, an increase in the length of the productive period of the herd, an increase in fertility and a strengthening of immunity for males and mothers.
• It is used in poultry ration at a rate ranging between 15-30% of the ration and reduces the use of the gain and the non-use of oils

Full Fat Soya