Our Vision

Creativity, love of work, experience, and determination … our inspiration To achieve the highest levels of quality to meet the requirements of our customers and meet their expectations

Our vision is to create a distinct and unique experience that it seeks. We believe that keeping up with the latest findings of recent studies in the field of vegetable oil industry with high quality and stable prices will contribute to adding material and moral value to our customers. Green Egypt will strive to achieve its vision.

“Each of our clients is a” distinguished customer “who enjoys special elegance and a top priority.

Our mission is to contribute to achieving more comfort and confidence for our customers while maintaining the diversity of varieties and types We always try to search for innovative solutions to present our products in order to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and achieve their requirements Our primary goal is to be the premier provider in the region of high quality products in the vegetable oil industry

Our morals, values and beliefs are the basis that guides our work and practice,
and they are our standard towards every decision.
We work hard as individuals and a team to adapt to meet the needs of individuals and customers through continuous development and a long-term vision

Work as a team
Customer comes first
Trust and commitment
Integrity and transparency