Green Egypt


Welcome to Green Egypt Company

Green Egypt was established as a result of HSA's vast experience for more than 12 years in the manufacturing of vegetable ghee and edible oils. As years passed, Green Egypt developed new markets in the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean countries. Green Egypt's initial business in Egypt in the nineties focused on producing vegetable ghee and edible oils products for the Egyptian market. Furthermore, Green Egypt category in 2005. Consequently, Green Egypt Company became a leading edible oil company and is the trusted name behind renowned high quality brands like Reta Oil, Haya Ghee, among others.
Our consumer brands and products in Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Peanuts Oil and Blended Oil are a household name with consumers who use our oils regularly as a reliable medium.
Green Egypt Company consists of companies: Green Egypt Food Industries (AFI), Green Egypt Oil Industries (AOI), represented in factories in Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt City
The company's vision is "TO BE THE BRAND OF CHOICE FOR CONVENIENT CONSUMER PRODUCTS"; with its deep understanding of the oil, the company today reaches out to millions of Egyptian consumers with secured raw material supply source, ‘near to customer' sales points and a full-bodied distribution and dealer network.
In pursuing its vision, Green Egypt is devoted to "Quality First" in all aspects of the business.
Green Egypt is a strong family of 1600 employees spread over its Manufacturing factories, and Headquarter offices in Egypt.
A strong leadership team comprising of the founders and industry professionals have taken the lead to achieve growth supported by fresh and experienced talented workforce in Egypt


Green Egypt factory to manufacture all kinds of oils, margarines and farmyard

The Company's Products

1 - Corn Oil Brand (Al Basma)
2 - Sunflower Oil Brand (Reta)
3 - Edible Oil Brand (Reta)
4 - Olive Oil Brand (Reta)
5 - Pure Butter Ghee Brand (Diamond)
6 - Vegetable Samna Brand (Haya)
7 - Sunflower Meal
8 - Soya Beans Meal