Green Egypt



A star in the edible oils market since its birth, Reta has delivered great taste, high quality edible oils for you and your family.
The story begins in 1994 when Reta launched by Green Egypt in a market dominated by Co-Ops, imported French brands and few local competitors with minimum shares.
The launch was just right at that time, since it was launched in a transparent bottle, with brighter oil color and a name that conveys value and purity "Reta".
Reta corn success continued with the introduction of Reta Sunflower.
Reta is not just edible oil as it exceeded its role as a core product yet it promises the housewife purity and quality.
As numbers talk, Reta since its launch started to take a leading position in the Egyptian market. Not only Reta shares grew to reach 58% of the corn oil market in 2010 and 61% of the Sunflower market, the edible oils pie grew as well encouraging other fierce entrant to come in and mimic Reta pack colors (for the 2 variants) and concept (cholesterol free).
Purity is guaranteed as the brand undergoes 7 stages of purification: Refining, Drying, Polishing, Bleaching, Deodorization, and finally Packaging and Storing in our own warehouses.
Reta received many awards, for instance in 2008, Reta received the license of Quality Mark by the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality, Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Housewives, who are health cautious, caring about their families, yet love to cook delicious, light and low cholesterol dishes said the following about Reta:
"Very pure, contains vitamins, famous brand, proved itself in the market various, SKUs, available in the market, easy to use bottle, appealing to different segments"* Usage and Attitude Study, 2009.
Nowadays, Reta has a top of mind awareness due to the strong inherited brand equity among most target segments, seen as unique, popular and familiar brand and due to a sizable TV support through the years.
Green Egypt took over its shoulders the task of pushing the brand forward in the market.